Horse balls, dog balls and fun play balls for animals of all kinds is what EquiSpiritUSA is all about.
Our fun EquiBalls are jolly-fun for horses, dogs, donkeys, cows, steer, elephants, camel, cougars and more.
Our famous horse balls, dog balls, and animal play balls are the best
and feature the USA stamp of quality!

Thank you Lisa & Kenny! As you may know, EquiSpirit entrepreneurs - Lisa and Kenny – have decided to pass the torch of their wonderful product line. Spring Faussett, an entrepreneur herself, has purchased the product line to fold into her portfolio of products and companies (,
“We are proud to continue providing EquiSpirt products to Lisa’s wonderful community of customers. We know there are 1000s of horses, dogs, donkeys, goats and even camels who have enjoyed the amazing fun EquiSpirit Toys bring to their lives. We can’t wait to carry on with the same degree of care and quality Lisa and Kenny engrained into each of their products.”  -- Spring Faussett
Remembering Lisa
EquiSpirit USA would not be here if not for Lisa & Kenny. It is with great sadness we share Lisa has passed away, after a heroic fight against cancer.
Read more here: Lisa Ross-Williams Memorial.

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EquiSpirit Horse Training & Play Balls

EquiSpirit Horse Training & Play Balls

Tough Toys for Tough Play —
Superior Play Balls For Horses, Dogs and...More!
Horses, Dogs, Donkeys, Goats, Camels, Cows, Steer, Elephants, Cougars, and ?? LOVE our balls!
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Famous Equi Ball Toys for Large and Small Animals


As seen in Equus magazine, The Equestrian Times, Equine Journal, Trail Rider, The Organic Equine, Natural Horse Magazine, Phoenix Business Gazette, and the Arizona Republic newspaper.
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Let Your Horse Play—The Natural Way

​Hours of Fun with Extremely Durable, Safe, and Affordable Toys and Horse Play & Training Balls for Equines of all Sizes
Karen Scholl, Horsemanship for Women uses her EquiSpirit ball and Rainbow Parachute for demonstrations.

EquiSpirit Toys are Superior!

Extremely durable, made with a heavy-duty inner bladder which is then covered by a 1000 deneier domestic Cordura™ cover, the EquiSpirit™ ball is big, beautiful,  weather-resistant, and provides your equine partner play all day.  It's been proven that horses do not get bored with the EquiSpirit horse training balls, toys, and tools™ as they sometimes do with other toys. 

Available in 25" for little and timid horses, and 40" for the BIG horses. The balls can be used for free play which encourages exercise and stimulates the horse's minds as well as their bodies.

The balls and tools can also be used for mounted games including Horse Soccer, a growing equine trend. EquiSpirit toys are also currently used by a number of clinicians at their demonstrations and events. Karen Scholl, Horsemanship for Women uses her EquiSpirit ball and Rainbow Parachute for this purpose.

The complete line of EquiSpirit toys and tools, including the extra durable horse play balls, can also be used by teachers and trainers, individual horse owners, and caregivers to keep horses exercised and amused. 

Laura Zugzda - California, Friesian Stallions

"We believe very strongly in the importance of play in a horse's emotional and physical well-being, but our horses were literally going through various balls in a matter of a few minutes. Our horse, Riley, seemed on a mission to pop whatever inflated toy he could, either by biting them or laying on them. We became committed to finding a horse play ball that could hold up, but there were none on the market, so we located reliable manufacturers and created EquiSpirit.

— Lisa Ross-Williams and Kenny Williams, EquiSpirit™ creator.